About Us

My Wtchman™ is a full-service, personal security & property monitoring firm, with a 24/7 emergency response network and command center. Now there is a SMARTER & SAFER way to protect your family and property, with access to the help you need Anywhere*, Anytime!
Africa’s first reliable, easy to use SOS / 911 Mobile App with 24/7 secured command center monitoring. Access all these services from your mobile device.

My Watchman™ is a registered trademark of Advanced Converged Technologies LLC (ACT).

Our Solution

When you have a medical or fire emergency, or when your personal safety is threatened, push a button on your app and our command center is instantly alerted. We will immediately call you, assess the situation, and promptly dispatch emergency responders.

Services include, but are not limited to:

24/7 Private Security / Law Enforcement Response Services
24/7 Medical Emergency Respons Services
24/ Fire Emergency Response Services
Sexual / Gender-Based Violence Hotline (SGBV) & Emergency Response Services
Coming Soon: 24/7 Roadside Assistance and much more