“My Watchman™” Mobile App Enters Liberia to Fight Crime

By: David A. Yates/ Dec 04, 2020/

A mobile app designed to guarantee immediate emergency response when you have a security, medical, or fire emergency called “My Watchman™”, will be released to the general public in Liberia very soon. The new mobile app helps in tackling the wave of crime in the country.

My Watchman™ is a registered trademark of Advanced Converged Technologies LLC (ACT), a company with regional offices in Monrovia, Liberia.

The app is a full-service, fully automated security and property monitoring system that offers a smarter and safer way to protect families and properties anywhere, anytime.

Services include but are not limited to 24/7 Private Security / Law Enforcement Response Services; 24/7 Medical Emergency Response Services; 24/ Fire Emergency Response Services; and Sexual / Gender-Based Violence Hotline (SGBV) & Emergency Response Services.

When the app is triggered, amongst other things, an immediate alert is sent to My Watchman™ Emergency Dispatch Command Center. The command centre will immediately call the user, assess the situation, and promptly dispatch emergency responders. Said responders could be security personnel, firefighters, or ambulance service, based on the SOS raised by the user.

Recently, President George Weah made a statement encouraging government officials as well as private citizens to purchase CCTV cameras as a means of aiding the Government in the effort to fight crime, believing that the availability of video surveillance at private homes and business entities will also contribute to the speedy investigation of criminal cases.

Against that backdrop, the founder and chief executive officer of ACT, Oliver Klark, Jr., said the sole purpose of the app is to make it easier for users to call for and get immediate help in problematic situations, with just a single click of a button on their smartphones.

He explains that right from your mobile phone, you can alert the command center in the case of emergency.

“When you raise an SOS from your phone, the command center is alerted, and help is dispatched in under two minutes. Your Community is also alerted. Your Community is a feature within the My Watchman™ app that allows you to build your own community of ‘EMERGENCY CONTACTS’. Whenever you raise an SOS, your emergency contact(s) will be notified, and your location will be shared with them on the app.” Klark says “The app uses GPS to pin your location when you raise an SOS. That information is then shared via the system with the nearest responders in our network, allowing them to find you quickly.”

“Once your emergency has been assigned to the responder nearest to you, you will see who is coming to your rescue. The responder will know your ‘exact’ location and will be guided by the app to you. You will be able to see the responder progress towards you in REAL TIME.” The app will display the Responder’s picture, name, contact information and ETA.

The responder will also be able to see the Client’s picture, name, location and contact information.

One of the key emergency response services offered by My Watchman™ is the SGBV Hotline and Emergency Response. Klark explains that My Watchman™ has been very supportive of SGBV campaigns to create awareness and educate the public on the subject. As you may recall, President declared rape a national emergency a few months ago.

The My Watchman™ SGBV hotline is monitored by a dedicated team, trained in handling every call with empathy and with the highest level of Privacy and Confidentiality.

Using My Watchman™ app, targets/victims of SGBV can take a picture, or record a short video and upload to help preserve evidence.

Every SGBV call is recorded and documented. When the appropriate emergency responder(s) is dispatched, the shift supervisor is required to send a SGBV alert to the necessary government and nongovernmental authorities.

Klark maintained that My Watchman was specifically designed to tackle the issue of security and lack of prompt response to emergencies.

“My Watchman™ partnership with Pilot Security, headed by Mr. Abraham Kromah, former Deputy Inspector General of Police, for Operations, RL, Ministry of Health, private ambulance service providers, and the Liberia National Fire Service enables it to deliver guaranteed prompt services.” Klark maintains.

The application, Klark claims, is now being used by a small group of clients. The service will become available to the public by January. For convenience, the users can pay for the service within the app through several methods.

He also described the app as Africa’s first reliable, easy to use SOS or 911 mobile app with 24/7 secured command center monitoring.

My Watchman™ also gives back to the community generously. At the core of the company’s corporate social responsibility is the empowerment of First Responders. My Watchman ™ has aided the Liberia National Fire Service in the renovation and deployment of fire engines at Bong Mines Bridge and Stephen Tolbert Estate (Somalia Dr.) to ensure that fire emergencies in those areas get a quicker response.