My Watchman” Emergency Response App Launches in Liberia

By: David A. Yates/ Feb 21, 2021/

A mobile app with 24 hours secured monitoring and emergency dispatch command center has been launched to help curb crime and offer other emergency services, a platform that aims to give people that opportunity whenever there is an emergency.

My Watchman, as it’s called, is a full-service, personal security, and property monitoring app, with a 24 hours emergency response network and command center.

The app, which was launched over the weekend at a resort in Sinkor, promises a smarter and safer way to protect family and property with access to help anywhere and anytime with just a click of a button on a smartphone.

The app is a registered trademark of Advanced Converged Technologies LLC (ACT), a technology company with regional offices in Liberia. It’s a reliable, easy to use SOS/911 Mobile App with 24/7 secured monitoring and an emergency dispatch command center.

According to My Watchman the company’s initial approach was to design the weaponized camera that could be controlled from a mobile phone via an app but while trying to secure funding for such advanced innovation, the team realized that only a small segment of society would be able to afford the cameras. Read More